Savings through Energy Efficiency

Give FMC Services a call to learn more about the savings offered from Utility Companies and NEIF.

In this blog we are going to explain how the big time savings work and can positively affect your day to day business expenses.

FMC Services provides energy assessments to help your business reduce costs and maximize expenses on behalf of your industrial and commercial entities.
Give FMC Services a call to learn more about the savings offered from Utility Companies and NEIF.

The classic phrase “you gotta spend money to make money” comes to mind when thinking about planning Energy Efficiency Lighting Upgrades for your business. In this case, you might be more apt to say you gotta spend money to save money.

Surprise! You may not have to spend much money at all!
Through the use of Utility Rebates and Financing Options, the path to energy efficiency without breaking the bank is finally clear.

How does it work?

  1. Xcel Energy offers rebates for equipment upgrades on a variety of types of lighting fixtures.
  2. NEIF (the National Energy Improvement Fund) offers financing on LED Upgrades and VFD Installs.

Through these avenues, your business can save money on electrical utility bills, get rebate cash in hand, and have the upgrade projects paid for via NEIF. Why wouldn’t you want to at least look into these upgrades for your business?! Think of the savings!

What Types of Upgrades are Covered?

  • LED direct linear ambient fixtures
  • Midstream Tubes
  • LED downlight fixtures
  • Retrofit kits
  • LED high/low bay fixtures
  • Full list available here.

There are a lot of ways a business can boost the monthly or daily savings. Energy Efficiency Savings are definitely one of the more rewarding ways for a business operator to fight the good fight and keeping the doors open.

Next Steps for Savings:

Call us at FMC Services. We can walk you through the process and help along the way to get your upgrades taken care of with our certified electrical and lighting team. The time is now to recoup costs by saving money in multiple directions!

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