COVID-19 Updates for Commercial Entities

Protective Mask and Gloves

As we begin to return back to ‘how things were,’ FMC Services is prepared to help in a multitude of ways.

Since the FMC Services team was deemed essential due to the nature of our work with power and lighting, FMC has maintained strong protocols for our employee and client safety. These have been vital for our continued efforts in helping Colorado businesses keep the lights on and power flowing since the global pandemic arose in March 2020.

Internal health protocols for employees at FMC Services will continue until the all clear is provided from local health officials. They are as follows:

  • Use of face coverings and masks while on site or in common areas [especially in Denver and other cities where mask orders have been implemented].
  • If feeling ill, even slightly, employees are encouraged to stay home.
  • Social distancing while in common areas near client employees and customers.

2020 has proved to be trying for many people and businesses across Colorado and because of that FMC Services is here to help! As the coming days and weeks unfold and the shelter in place orders are lifted, more and more businesses will be opening their doors back up.

Meaning it is time to think about the health and safety of the employees and customers that come into your place of business.

Are your lights and lamps still functioning properly?

FMC Services can come out to check and provide replacements or upgrades.

Did you turn off or limit the power while you were shutdown?

FMC is ready to help get your power back on with our certified electricians.

Budget concerns after being closed for week?

Upgrade your lighting with LEDs and get paid via rebates and long term savings.

Summer heat is approaching fast, are you ready to get your employees back to work and being productive?

Use FMC Services full suite of Electrical and Lighting Contractor services to keep the wheels turning.

Keeping businesses on top of their game is what we do best at FMC Services. Give our team a call today to discuss your commercial lighting and electrical services needs!

See you out there, Colorado!

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