Energy Efficiency for Your Colorado Business

FMC Services provides lighting and electrical service support to Denver and Colorado based businesses and commercial entities.

FMC Services Has Money-Saving Options for You

FMC Services is ready to help your big or small business save money and boost energy efficiency with LED lighting upgrades, electrical repairs, and utility rebates in a variety of ways. Plus, there is even a way to finance your efficiency upgrades too! Get started below.

Colorado Utility Rebates can mean big savings for your small business or commercial entity. Let FMC Services help you upgrade and get paid.


Working with local partners typically results in savings for many, and our partnerships with utility companies are no different. Rebates from local utility and energy service companies can equal big bucks for your business to invest elsewhere.

Learn more about how Xcel Energy and others are helping Colorado Businesses.

Energy Efficient LED Upgrades can save money for upgrades and through rebates for your small business or commercial facility.

Lighting Products

Change your lighting products to upgraded lamps that provide better quality lighting, use less power, and that will save you money long term.

Welcome to the wonderful world of LEDs.

Connect with an FMC Services Account Manager to learn more today!

FMC Services provides energy assessments to help your business reduce costs and maximize expenses on behalf of your industrial and commercial entities.

Energy Assessments

Control the chaos and gain insight about your facilities power and lighting needs. The FMC Services team will send out one of our certified electricians to evaluate and assess the lighting and electrical energy usage that occurs on site.

Schedule your assessment today!

5 Steps to Lowering Operating Costs

Step 1

Target the challenge your business is facing. Utility bills too high? Lighting maintenance costs keep going up? Not sure? That is okay!

Step 2

Contact the trusted and experienced team at FMC Services to handle the challenges at hand. With nearly 75 years of experience in the Denver Metro and broader Colorado, FMC Services knows exactly what you need and the urgency with which you need it, whether it be rebates or upgrades or routine maintenance.

Step 3

Evaluation of the business challenge from an FMC Services Account Manager. At this point FMC will be working with you to understand why energy efficiency is key for your commercial success and what steps you are looking to take to improve energy efficiency for your business.

Step 4

Build, Create, and Implement the correct energy solution to the challenge. This is where the FMC Services team fully takes over to create and install the perfect solution to save you money and keep your business on track. 

Step 5

Maintain the energy efficient solution long term. By partnering with FMC Services, you are ensuring your business or commercial entity stays on top of its lighting and electrical service needs for years to come.

FMC Services - Certified commercial electrical contractors

“Majorly thankful for FMC Services. They assisted us in getting our facilities energy efficient, which has saved us a lot of money already. And with financing offered on some of the upgrades, these improvements were a no-brainer for our business and bottom line needs.”

– another happy FMC Services client

Not Sure How to Cover the Upgrades Costs?
FMC Services Has a Path for Financing your Improvements!

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