Parking Lot Lights for All Seasons

Parking Lot Lights for Denver Businesses - LED Upgrades to saving on parking lot overhead costs.

Let’s talk about the importance of parking lot lights for commercial businesses for a quick second. Businesses have got to keep their property secure and customers safe by illuminating parking lots, drive thrus, or driveways with commercial parking lot lighting. Typically a parking lot light features an area light fixture mounted on top of a light pole or possibly attached to a building (wall mounted), and are between 12′ and 20′ high.

A well lit parking lot can entice new customers too!

LED Parking Lot Lights make a difference in safety, competition, and cost.

On the technical side of a parking lot light fixture, the voltage can range quite wide due to how the parking lot was initially wired when it was poured and paved. Lights in those voltages typically fall into one of these: 120V, 208V, 240V or 277V (sometimes 480V can be used for some business owners).

Don’t fall behind when it comes to preparing for Daylight Savings too.

Aren’t sure what you need?!

That is okay! Our team here at FMC can figure it our for you with a quick visit or even via virtual consultation.

Just let us know!

Getting the right type of parking lot lights does matter. So what kind of lighting should you shop for on behalf of your business? We got options at FMC! The top trend in lighting is currently LEDs. These new age LED parking lot lights reduce overhead costs and don’t need replacement as often as their older counterparts.

Denver Parking Lots needing lighting all year round. Save money and time with LED Photocell Lights that turn on and off automatically.

What about Photocells? (also what the heck is a photocell?)

Photocells can push your monthly savings and peace of mind one step further. By sensing the sunrise and sunset, photocells can turn on and off your LED Parking Lot Lights at just the right times. Saving your team and your business quite a bit of time and money in the long run.

Photocells defined: an electronic device whose electrical properties are modified by the action of light.

Parking Lot Lights Installation?

FMC Services will be able to take care of all the installation, if you need it. Our team of licensed lighting and electrical professionals are more than capable of handling your upgrades and general maintenance needs. Whether it is a pole mounted light or even a motion sensing light, FMC is ready to assist with your lighting changes that your company needs currently.

Top takeaways regarding adding or upgrading your Parking Lot Lighting:

    • Increased safety and visibility on your property
    • Entice new customers, outshine your local competition
    • Save money in variety of ways: overhead, replacement parts, employee overtime
With enhanced parking lot lighting, your commercial entity can ensure safe parking and safe driving with maximum visibility for employees and patrons.

Now to get your lighting plans figured out:

Step 1, call FMC Services. Our account managers are knowledgeable and are committed to helping you solve your commercial lighting (and electrical) issues and needs.

Step 2, make plans to add or upgrade your parking lot’s lighting situation.

Step 3, relax knowing your business is in good hands.

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