Electric Vehicle Charger Installations and Maintenance

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular than ever. Many of today’s leading auto manufacturers are adding new EV models to their existing lineups, and some are even announcing plans to eliminate the production of gas-powered vehicles altogether.

As a result of these announcements, and accounting for the growing number of states offering tax credits and incentives for EVs, it is projected that by 2025, one of every ten new cars sold in the US will be an EV. This trend increases the demand for EV chargers in Colorado, which allows quite the opportunity for your business to grow.

As your go-to electrical services provider, we here at FMC Services are excited to announce that we can help you with your EV Charger Installation and Maintenance needs. Whether you live in the Denver Metro area, or even as far out as Colorado Springs, Boulder, Castle Rock, Longmont, Aurora, and Fort Collins, we are ready to help you install an EV Charger today.

Benefits of Installing an EV Charger

There’s a number of reasons to consider installing an EV Charger Station at your business. Statistics have revealed the following benefits of offering on-site charging options:

  • Convenience: Both your employees and customers will appreciate having the option to charge while away from home.
  • Increase Revenue: In offering a charging station to your customer base, you are increasing the likelihood of above-average shopping times which may yield an increase in total purchases made.
  • Improve Your Visibility to New Customers: Listing your charging stations on the plethora of mobile apps and websites will open new opportunities for new customer encounters.
  • Competitive Advantage: Simply providing publicly available charging stations will provide your customers with yet another reason to choose you over the competition, potentially for years to come.

Charging Station Services

Whether you are interested in level II or III charging stations, FMC Services can help you reach your goals. Our team is trained and certified to install and service ChargePoint and Qmerit charging stations at your home or business.

There are numerous national and statewide incentives available to help fund private and commercial EV Charger installations! Contact our team today to find out what you may qualify for.

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