Commercial Tenant Finishes Across Colorado

Tenant Improvement Blueprint Floorplans for Denver Electrical Outlet Drops and Lighting Installation

If your Denver commercial property or business is moving to a new building in or around Denver that is not yet finished or maybe you are reworking some of the current space you have, FMC Services’ team of licensed electricians have the experience with tenant finishes & the electrical knowledge to finish the installation and wiring in your new space specific to your business needs. 

Our team is committed to providing quick, reliable, and safe service that businesses of all types can count on. We’re proud to serve the Denver Metro commercial property owners and managers by offering up our knowledge on commercial tenant finishes, whether it’s for a minor renovation or major department remodel or even a new construction build.

FMC works to ensure everything is complete & up to code with minimal disruption for your commercial tenant finish project, especially if your business is already moved in and functioning in the building. Let the pros (FMC Services) come in and handle all the overly tedious work that comes with completing a tenant improvement project.

As a licensed electrical contractor, the friendly and professional commercial electric team at FMC provides services across the Denver area to meet all your commercial and industrial electrical needs. We’re proud to have worked with some of the finest and most reputable businesses, property managers, and commercial contractors across Colorado from Boulder and Erie all the way down to Castle Rock and Littleton. 

Clarifying the type of Tenant Improvements that can be utilized for your commercial entity:

Tenant Finish – design and remodeling project that incorporates unique features for specific tenant requirements.

Leasehold Improvements – customized alterations that a building owner makes to commercial space as part of a lease agreement in order to configure the space for the needs of that particular tenant. These include changes to walls, floors, ceilings, and lighting, among others.

Interior Improvements – including lobby, entryways, restrooms, kitchens, break rooms, conference rooms, and office space.

Commercial Remodeling – large scale projects that include updating or replacing electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems. We can also make structural reinforcements, reconfigure entire spaces, replace roofing, and do complete exterior makeovers. 

Commercial Construction – new construction, ground-up construction, landscaping and maintenance.

Denver Tenant Finishes: light installation, outlet drops, new walls, power management.

If you are looking for the right team to handle your Tenant Finish lighting and electrical jobs, look no further, FMC Services is the team for you.

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