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Wait, does Daylight Savings Time start or end in the Fall?

Daylight Savings Time ENDS each Fall!

This year, Daylight Saving Time officially ends on Sunday, November 1st, 2020, at 2:00 A.M. So on Saturday evening, your clocks will jump back one hour (i.e., gaining one hour) to “fall back” — if your clocks aren’t automatic, don’t forget to change them! That won’t be the only adjustment needed for your business to continue running smoothly, here are some others that may come to mind.

What to do for when Daylight Savings Time is ending?

Exterior Lighting

(building/property entrances, parking lot light poles, walk ways and stairs, visual amenities and signage)

It has probably been a bit since you checked out your timers and sensors. Our team at FMC Services can come out to examine your building and property lights’ timers & sensors. If you are controlling your lighting manually, it may be time for some improved technology automation since the Sun will be setting earlier each day. Save yourself time and money!

Indoor Lighting 

Your windows and skylights have been useful and efficient throughout the warm and sunny months, but they won’t be as effective from now til the Spring due to the limited sunlight that occurs. Combat the darkness and make sure your indoor lighting is ready to illuminate your business space for your customers’ safety, security, and comfort. FMC Services offers a variety of LED lighting products that can save your business money in the long run.


(HVAC, Furnaces)

Temperatures are dropping, especially in the evenings, meaning you are eyeing the thermostat wondering when it will be time to turn the heat on.. Be ready when that day arrives! Do a property or building maintenance inspection with FMC Services so you can have the confidence your property and entity will be a safe and comfortable space for the Fall and Winter months ahead.

Don’t delay the adjustments and maintenance your business needs to continue providing a safe, secure, and comfortable environment through the end of Daylight Savings for your staff and customers. Reach out to FMC Services now for a Free Evaluation of your commercial lighting and electrical service needs.

Daylight Savings Time Prep with FMC Services - Commercial Lighting and Electrical Service for the Denver Metro
The FMC Services Team in Denver consists of certified and licensed electricians and lighting contractors.

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With enhanced parking lot lighting, your commercial entity can ensure safe parking and safe driving with maximum visibility for employees and patrons.
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