Financing Commercial Energy Efficiency Upgrades

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NEIF - Commercial Financing for Electrical and Lighting Upgrades and Efficiency

NEIF provides lending services for improvements and upgrades that help make businesses more resilient, efficient, healthy, and secure.

NEIF Financing for Business

If you are ready to kick off your Efficiency Upgrades, contact FMC Services today!

Lighting and Electrical upgrades sometimes can require assistance for implementation, which is why FMC Services utilizes NEIF for financing on commercial energy projects.

Specifically for facility lighting upgrades with new-age cost saving LEDs & also the installation of new energy efficient VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives).

Don’t Wait on Customer Payments

Get started with your efficiency upgrade immediately instead of waiting for client funds to arrive in the bank. Just takes a couple clicks to apply for NEIF Financing and get your cash flow started.

Don’t Wait on Utility Rebates

Rebates from Utility Services are a blessing when upgrading and improving facilities, but they can take a bit of time to arrive. Keep your lighting and electrical projects rolling along with NEIF so you can get back to work faster.

FMC Services is Ready to Help with the Process

Getting your paperwork and application all figured out for submission can be quite the process. The team at FMC Services are pros at this stuff, so let us help facilitate. Plus, NEIF only approves financing projects through licensed contractors, so you will need one anyways, might as well use FMC Services.

Don’t Delay Your Energy Efficiency Upgrades

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